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Here's an annotated list of Palm resources available on the 'net. This is certainly not a complete listing (particularly of Web sites; there literally hundreds last time I counted...), but if you follow the links within the web pages listed below, you should be able to touch most of them (assuming you have a day to kill, that is... ;) ).

I've left out of this list many links to commercial products (PalmPilot software, desktop PIM synchronization software, accessories, etc), as this list is long enough already. See the Web pages given below for links to most of these.

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Web Sites


Freeware/Shareware Software Archives

Hardware Information

Developer Information

Magazines & Newsletters


Mailing Lists


Yes, the PalmPilot is discussed on IRC as well (enough already! :) ). See for info and logs of past sessions. Sessions usually feature a developer or sometimes someone from Palm Computing as a guest.

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