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[ICON] AsciiChart
by John Valdés

Version 2.0.4

AsciiChart is a simple character set and font display utility for Palm OS devices. Use AsciiChart to view the characters available in each of the Palm OS built-in fonts or as a reference for the ASCII character set.


To install AsciiChart in your Palm OS device, simply download and decompress the AsciiChart archive appropriate for your system, run the Palm Desktop application installation utility to mark the AsciiChart .PRC file for installation, and HotSync your device with your computer to load AsciiChart into the device. See the documentation for your Palm Desktop software for details.

AsciiChart is compatible with Palm OS 1.0 and greater.

How to Use

[Screen Shot] To view information about a character, simply tap on the character in the chart. AsciiChart will display the character's ASCII value in decimal, octal and hexadecimal, as well as the height and width of the character. Use the scroll buttons to scroll the chart up or down; the hardware scroll buttons scroll by one screen at a time, while the on-screen scroll arrows scroll by one row at a time. To quickly scroll to a given character, simply write the character using Graffiti. To quickly find a character by its ASCII value in decimal, octal or hexadecimal, tap on the currently displayed decimal, octal or hexadecimal value as appropriate, and enter the value in the dialog box that appears. The popup trigger at the upper left of the screen can be used to change the font of the displayed characters. Finally, use the Copy button to copy the currently selected character to the clipboard; this is useful for pasting "Graffiti-less" characters into memos or shortcuts (note that the Copy button only copies the character's value and not its displayed font, so when it is pasted into another application, the character will be displayed in whatever font that application uses). Options are available via the Preferences dialog for changing the numerical base (decimal, octal or hexadecimal) of the row labels, for displaying the name abbreviations of control characters (eg, ESC for the Escape character, decimal value 27), and for appending characters to the clipboard when copied.


Version 2.0.4, 01/12/04:

Version 2.0.3, 06/24/00:

Version 2.0.2, 11/17/99:

Version 2.0.1, 10/21/99:

Version 2.0, 1/12/99:

Version 1.0, 4/13/97:

Version 1.0 alpha 3, 3/23/97:

Known problems

Planned additions

Legal stuff

AsciiChart is Copyright © 1997-2004 by John Valdés.

AsciiChart is freeware. Permission is given for free use and distribution of this program. No warranty is made on this software, nor is the author liable for any damage resulting from the use of this software.

Any questions, comments or suggestions can be emailed to me at john @ NOSPAM The current version of AsciiChart and source code can be found with other Palm OS software at

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